What's My Story?

Eric Rebelo is the CEO and founder of a digital ad agency, an entrepreneur, marketer, consultant, online media influencer, and podcast/video show host.

Eric's known as the Consultant CMO™ (Consultant Chief Marketing Officer) that generates results for clients by helping them scale through the use of digital advertising, marketing, and branding.

His agency disrupts the marketing space by focusing on the now, the future, and growth rather than just following tradition.

The mission is to help businesses reach their full potential by using new proven methods and effective strategies for customer acquisition.

Eric has been featured in media publications such as Thrive Global, Kivo Daily, and FutureSharks.

His content focuses around entrepreneurship, business, marketing, advertising, branding, mindset, and personal development.

Learn more by following Eric’s journey online at: YouTube.com/EricRebelo

Features In Media Publications:

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