What's My Story?

Eric is an entrepreneur, marketer, and consultant with a video show and audio podcast that helps entrepreneurs and personal development-focused people learn practical business and mindset strategies to increase their income, promote their business to their target market, get the lifestyle they want, and achieve internal fulfillment.

I’m the CEO and Founder of a digital consulting agency that helps businesses get more customers by using online marketing and media. Basically, I’m your Consultant CMO™ (Chief Marketing Officer).

My entrepreneurial journey started when I no longer wanted to work the 9-5 job because I wanted the maximum amount of freedom and income I could possibly have. I was always interested in having my own business but never thought it was a realistic idea until I realized that even if it wasn't realistic, I still had to try to succeed in it anyway. I researched a lot of information over the years and finally decided it was time to work for myself. I am now a full-time entrepreneur and personal brand influencer that has the goal of helping others become successful in business, marketing, and personally developing themselves because I know it helped me. I took a lot of time attempting to come up with a system and process for others to succeed with money and mindset and it resulted in the OFFENSE ideology and methodology.

Offense is the ultimate system that includes practical internal and external strategies and tactics to grow in business and self develop to have financial and time freedom. Along with running my businesses, I help others do what I practice and preach and it allows me to have a greater impact on the world, and I appreciate and thank anyone that wants to be involved and learn.

Now I get to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants get more customers, increase overall brand awareness, and provide other online digital marketing and media services in my agency.

I also create consistent content on my various social platforms such as free training videos and my podcast to help others with entrepreneurship, marketing, business, personal development, sales, money, lifestyle, and more.